About us

The family construction company built on the foundations of previous companies, based on knowledge and experience of earlier generations, which still exists in the market as a company whose core business is construction and design of buildings, including the following fields: industrial construction, renovations, reconstructions and other areas of construction.

G.Z.Z. Zanatprodukt was established in the year 1963.

G.Z.Z. Gradnja was established in the year 1983.

In the eighties, the business operations were carried out through a range of craft and handicraft building works associated and organized in handicraft cooperatives. At the time of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, this way of doing business was the only possible form of partly controlled private actions.

IMPORTANT OBJECTS THAT ARE PERFORMED IN THE PERIOD 1968-1989 :INDUSTRIAL TRACKS: Factory Ivo Lola Ribar Zeleznik, factory Centroprom-Zemun, Crvenka-sugar refineries, steel mill Smederevo, Navip-Zemun, northern port of Split.

HYDRO BUILDING: marina-Kladovo, quay-Sremska Mitrovica, quay-Novi Sad, Novi Knjazevac quay, quay-Senta, marina-Kusjak hydro-power plant Đerdap, revetments-of Đerdap power plant, pumping station in front of the main railway station in Belgrade.


Construction company Zenitgradnja was founded IN the nineties as a doo. (Ltd.) Mainly engaged in the protection of cultural monuments including, primarily, monasteries and churches of Vojvodina and a few historical buildings in the former Yugoslav Republic of Montenegro. Protective services has mainly included: static rehabilitation of monasteries and churches, moisture remediation with horizontal cutting and with various chemical agents, facade reconstruction of monasteries, churches, castles, reconstruction and development of new dome and construction of completely destroyed bell towers (the bell tower of the monastery Hopovo), roof replacements, renovations and rehabilitation of old roof structures several hundred years old, reconstruction of the foundations of monasteries and churches and other series of measures that were necessary to preserve these monuments from the ravages of time.

Pons Gradnja d.o.o.

SIGNIFICANT BUILDINGS THAT WE HAVE CARRIED OUT DURING THE NINETIES: Hopovo monastery, Šišatovac monastery, Đipša monastery,Ravanica monastery, Petkovica monastery,Velika Remeta monastery, Krušedol monastery, Privina Glava monastery, Bođani monastery, Kovilj monastery , the monastery Duljevo-Montenegro, the lower church Karlovci Patriarch's Palace, Sremski Karlovci, the castle Dunđerski - Čelarevo, the fountain in the square- Sremski Karlovci, the Reformed Church in Zrenjanin, the Catholic Church in Zemun, and dozens of other cultural facilities essential for the cultural heritage of Serbia.

  • PONS Gradnja Doo - Excellent Sertifikat
  • PONS Gradnja Doo - ISO9000
  • PONS Gradnja Doo - ISO14001
  • PONS Gradnja Doo - ISO18001